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Fuelwiz 2
FuelWiz for Android

Calculate your mower, motorbike, boat and
any other 2 stroke fuel and oil mixture from
the convenience of your phone. Now supports
US, UK gallons and pints.
Free! at Google Play
Soundswiz was rejected from Googleplay as
it contains sounds that may be copyright.
Give us a Like on facebook and download it
for free! You need to set the option for
installing third party apps manually on your
Resistor, Capacitor and Ohms Law
calculator for Android tablets. Specifically
Iconia A500 and Motorola Xoom size screen
sizes 1280 x 800.
Available at Google Play for only Aus $1.00
ElectronicWiz for Android
MY ABC Animals for Android

Your phone will speak all the letters of the alphabet to
you and also the animal name that is represented by
that letter. Each animal has their own distinctive sound
that can be played over and over, from a cat meowing
to a tiger growling. All the letters are visible beside
each photo so your child learns without noticing.
Only .99c at Google Play.
For FSX or similar flight sims.
Have your phone speak with its voice as you go
through the checklists/briefings from startup to
Various accents can be chosen besides the usual
US and UK voices (providing your phone supports
Available at GooglePlay now for .99c
FlightCheck Wiz
Apps for Windows and Android phones and tablets.
For photo/slide repair and restoration, please visit this link:
MoneyMatters Invoice for Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8. Grab the demo and give it a try!
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
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news and updates.
PayPal Logo
Money Exchange, the currency converter. Try the demo today!
Only $9.99 AUD for the full version.
Money Exchange the currency converter for Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8. Grab the demo today! (Some countries disabled in the demo)